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I've just about recovered from last month's travelling antics, and on a miserable day like today, I am truly missing the Indonesian sun here in England.

Back in March, I was lucky enough to spend just under a week in Bali, performing for a gorgeous Indian wedding. André Saxman Brown and I were flown out to Indonesia to perform for 2 evening events during an incredible 4-day wedding bonanza. I had never been to this part of the world before, and I really wasn't disappointed - the weather was stunning, the beaches beautiful, and we were put up in the verrrry nice Sofitel Hotel Nusa Dua. We played electric violin and sax over DJ at a super beach cocktail party on the first night, and ended the wedding playing for the grand reception on the last evening. It was a pleasure to meet and perform with DJ Rugrat, and he was whipping out the tunes left, right and centre, making our job so much fun!

Here are some photos I managed to snap while I wasn't violin-ing/dancing/sunbathing:

Horrible. I know.

It was an amazing party and a great crowd, such a pleasure to be a part of!

After the long (and delayed) flight back from Bali (thanks Singapore Airlines!) I got suitcase number 2 ready to fly to Malta, performing on a week's cruise round some lovely Greek ports as part of Elektra Violin Duo on the Oceana. Reuniting with the lovely Emma on violin, we performed our first show as soon as we embarked!

Once that day’s work was done, we got to explore ports in Crete and Rhodes for the rest of the week, but our absolute favourite was visiting the Acropolis in Athens. It was perfect weather for walking up hills and looking at columns - surely the definition of being cultured?! We finished the week with our second show before flying home back to THE MOST INCREDIBLE WEATHER IN THE UK EVER. 🙏 Despite witnessing all of this lovely sunshine, I somehow still manage to remain Sally Pastey-ton... but hey ho!

I’m currently sat at Luton Airport waiting for a gate number to appear for my next adventure to Florence with André this weekend. Outside it’s raining that sort of tiny but really wet rain that seems to come from both the floor and sideways. However, it’s saying 28 degrees c on my Weather app for Tuscany (!!!) so I have high hopes for some sweet summer sun as we jet off to perform for an event in Italy! ☀️ But more to come on that next time. Thanks for tuning in to this week’s short episode of me gloating about sunny places. Catch you later x

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